Monday, October 5, 2009

Tai Chi Sword Movements

(Yang Style Tai Chi Sword, 56 movements)

1. Beginning of Tai Chi Sword (太极剑起式)
2. Three rings around the moon (三环套月)
3. The Big Dipper (大魁星式)
4. Dragonfly touching the water (蜻蜓点水)
5. Swallow skimming over the water (燕子抄水)
6. Sweep/block, right and left (4) (左右拦扫)
7. Little Dipper (小魁星式)
8. Swallow entering the nest (燕子入巢)
9. Holding the tier's head (虎抱头)
10. Cat catching the mouse (灵猫扑鼠)
11. Wasp turning around and entering the hive (黄蜂入洞)
12. Phoenix opening its wings (2) (凤凰双展翅)
13. Little Dipper (小魁星式)
14. Master Jiang waiting for fish (太公等鱼)
15. Part grass and look for snake (拨草寻蛇)
16. Ner-Cha looking over the sea (哪咤探海)
17. Holding the moon in the arms (怀中抱月)
18. Homing bird going up to the tree (宿鸟归林)
19. Black dragon waving it's tail (乌龙摆尾)
20. Green dragon surfacing over the water (青龙出水)
21. Lotus leave rolling up with the wind (风卷荷叶)
22. Lion shakes head (狮子摇头)
23. Holding tiger's head (虎抱头)
24. Wild horse jumping over mountain stream (野马跳涧)
25. Holding up the horse at cliff (悬崖勒马)
26. Turn around and stab forward (转身指南)
27. High blocks (left, right, left) (迎风掸尘)
28. Stabs backward and forward (顺水推舟)
29. Downward towards north-west (流星赶月)
30. Forward towards south and press down (天马行空)
31. Up and downward point (燕子衔泥)
32. Lift up, on right leg (挑帘式)
33. Left wheel (左车轮剑)
34. Right wheel (右车轮剑)
35. Backward towards north-east (大鹏展翅)
36. Pick up the moon from water (水中捞月)
37. Hold the moon (怀中抱月)
38. Down to the sea (夜叉探海)
39. Look up the moon (犀牛望月)
40. Bow and arrow stance (射雁式)
41. Green dragon shows paws (青龙探爪)
42. Phoenix open up wing (凤凰单展翅)
43. Cross steps left and right (左右跨栏)
44. Bow and arrow stance (射雁式)
45. White monkey presents fruit (south-west) (白猿献果)
46. Slide downward (left, right, left) (左右落花)
47. Fair lady (south-east) (玉女穿梭)
48. Fly towards north west (斜飞式)
49. White tiger twist tail (白虎搅尾)
50. Fish jump over dam (鱼跳龙门)
51. Black dragon twisting (乌龙绞柱)
52. Pick up the moon from water (水中捞月)
53. Saint pointing the way (仙人指路)
54. Wind sweeping the flowers (风扫梅花)
55. Pointing south (并步指南)
56. Closing (收式)